RB Leipzig Extends Contracts of Coaching Staff for Another Year

RB Leipzig, one of Germany’s top football clubs, has recently announced the extension of the contracts of their coaching staff. Co-trainers Alexander Zickler, Marco Kurth, and Frank Geideck have all signed new agreements that will keep them at the club until 2025. This news comes after the contract of head coach Marco Rose was also extended earlier this year.

The importance of a cohesive and trustworthy team cannot be overstated in the world of professional football. Recognizing this, Marco Rose expresses his appreciation for his colleagues, stating, “To work successfully and effectively, it is crucial to have a team that you can trust and rely on. This includes not only the co-trainers but also the entire staff. I have immense faith in these individuals, some of whom have been with me for a considerable period of time. They shoulder significant responsibilities and play a crucial role in our collective pursuit of success here in Leipzig.”

RB Leipzig has been making significant strides in recent years, consistently competing at the highest level in both domestic and international competitions. The decision to extend the contracts of the coaching staff reflects the club’s commitment to maintaining stability and continuity within the team. By securing the services of experienced and trusted professionals, RB Leipzig aims to build upon its recent achievements and continue its upward trajectory.

The co-trainers, Alexander Zickler, Marco Kurth, and Frank Geideck, have proven themselves to be invaluable assets to the coaching setup at RB Leipzig. Their expertise, dedication, and ability to take on responsibilities have not gone unnoticed. Their extended contracts demonstrate the club’s confidence in their abilities and their vital role in shaping the team’s future success.

As RB Leipzig looks ahead to the upcoming seasons, fans can take comfort in the knowledge that the coaching staff remains committed to the club’s vision and goals. With a strong and united team behind them, the players can focus on their performances on the pitch, knowing that they have the support and guidance of a capable coaching staff.

The contract extensions of Alexander Zickler, Marco Kurth, and Frank Geideck at RB Leipzig highlight the club’s commitment to maintaining a strong coaching setup. With their expertise and dedication, these co-trainers will continue to play a crucial role in the team’s pursuit of success. As RB Leipzig strives for greatness, the club can be confident in the knowledge that they have a cohesive and trusted coaching staff driving them forward.

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