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Qatar’s Urgent Call to Florentino Perez: The Countdown Begins for Mbappé’s Future

As the clock ticks closer to zero, tensions rise in Qatar over the uncertain future of Kylian Mbappé. The country’s most prominent figure, the Emir, has taken matters into his own hands by making an urgent call to Florentino Perez and Real Madrid to resolve the Mbappé saga, Defensa Central reports.

There is no doubt that the Mbappé saga is nearing its end. Qatar is growing increasingly nervous about the PSG forward’s future. The Emir himself has stepped in with an urgent call to Florentino Perez. Real Madrid is now well aware of what lies ahead. Tic-tac, time is running out.

While optimism surrounds discussions in France, Spain is filled with skepticism and even theories that will soon be put to the test. However, in Doha, they are far from pleased with how the plot is unfolding. Mbappé is just a few months away from becoming a free agent and has reconciled with Paris. However, he refuses to renew a contract that runs until June 30, 2024. Qatar does not want to lose money.

Hence, calls to Florentino Perez will soon be made. They will not come directly from Nasser Al-Khelaifi, but through two intermediaries whom the Emir trusts implicitly. If Kylian’s renewal is not secured in the coming days, Doha will activate Plan B, with clear objectives and financial targets to achieve. This plan aligns with Madrid’s interests and, above all, ensures that each party gains in their respective fields.

Dates and figures are of utmost importance. PSG aims to push for a renewal until the end of this week. If unsuccessful, the Emir himself has instructed two trusted individuals to contact Florentino Perez around August 27 or 28. While time may be a constraint, it is by no means an obstacle to closing the deal.

In this scenario, the key is to unlock the situation without causing an emergency within the club’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) obligations to UEFA. How much is being asked for? The figures hover around the range of €200-250 million for the entire Mbappé package. If Kylian does not change his stance or words by the end of this week, Madrid awaits the green light.

This high-stakes negotiation has captured the attention of football enthusiasts worldwide. The outcome will not only shape the future of Kylian Mbappé but also have significant implications for the football landscape. As the countdown begins, all eyes are on Qatar, Florentino Perez, and the potential seismic shift in the transfer market.

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