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Mbappé’s Impending Move to Real Madrid: A Twist in His Future as PSG Sets the Final Price

In the final days of the summer transfer window, the Mbappé saga has reached new levels of excitement. It seems that the resolution to his future will come in this last week and a half. Previously, Andrés Onrubia reported that PSG emissaries were set to meet with the player’s entourage over the weekend in an attempt to convince him to renew his contract.

However, if the Bondy-born star remains resolute in his decision not to extend his contract, he would have to publicly declare his desire to move to Real Madrid. This would then force PSG to sell him. Nevertheless, the French club is standing firm on their initial asking price set at the beginning of the summer: a staggering 250 million euros.

“If Madrid pays 250 million, they will get Mbappé.”

As stated, PSG is unwavering in their stance of not letting their star player go for anything less than the aforementioned 250 million euros. Onrubia suggests that if Real Madrid offers this sum of money, Kylian Mbappé will grace the Bernabéu this season. However, Carlos Carpio, in Rubén Martín’s channel, mentioned yesterday that Florentino Pérez, the president of Real Madrid, is only willing to pay a maximum of 230 million euros for the entire operation.

This is precisely why Madrid is waiting until the end of the transfer window to make their move. They aim to apply pressure on PSG, who continue to assert that the only two solutions are either a sale or a renewal. It would be highly surprising for the Madrid club if the player were to sign a contract extension.

The future of Kylian Mbappé hangs in the balance, with Real Madrid poised to make a sensational move for the young French superstar. As the transfer window draws to a close, the football world eagerly awaits the outcome of this captivating saga. Will PSG stand firm on their price, or will Real Madrid be able to secure the services of one of the most talented players in the world? Only time will tell.


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