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Inter Milan’s Confidence Grows as Negotiations for Pavard Continue: Offer of €27 Million Plus Bonuses

Inter Milan’s pursuit of French defender Benjamin Pavard from Bayern Munich has taken an interesting turn, as the Nerazzurri have increased their offer to €27 million plus an additional €3 million in bonuses, according to Sky Sport Italia. The club’s optimism and confidence are on the rise, with Pavard himself expressing a strong desire to join the team led by manager Simone Inzaghi.

The negotiations between Inter Milan and Bayern Munich are ongoing, with both sides working towards reaching a mutually beneficial agreement. In order to meet Bayern’s initial asking price of €30 million, Inter Milan has restructured the payment plan by allocating a portion of the bonuses into a fixed sum. This revised offer of €27 million plus €3 million in bonuses brings the Italian giants closer to their desired valuation of the player.

Inter Milan’s management remains hopeful that Monday could be a pivotal day in finalizing the deal with the Bavarian club. The Nerazzurri are keen to secure Pavard’s services, as they believe his addition would significantly bolster their defensive line and enhance their chances of success in the upcoming season.

Giuseppe Marotta, Inter Milan’s CEO, spoke to Sky Sport about the ongoing negotiations and expressed his satisfaction with Pavard’s willingness to join the club. Marotta acknowledged the financial strength of Bayern Munich, a club known for retaining their top-quality players. He emphasized that for Bayern to part ways with Pavard, they would need to find a suitable replacement, which adds another layer of complexity to the negotiations.

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The negotiations between the two clubs are still ongoing, and the outcome remains uncertain. However, Inter Milan’s persistence and determination to secure Pavard’s signature are evident. The French defender’s track record of success, having won numerous titles, further strengthens Inter Milan’s desire to acquire his services.

In a Bundesliga match between Bayern Munich and Werder Bremen, Pavard was left on the bench for the entire game by manager Thomas Tuchel. This decision could be seen as a sign that Bayern Munich is considering the possibility of his departure, potentially paving the way for a move to Inter Milan.

As the negotiations progress, both clubs will continue to assess the various technical, financial, and numerical aspects involved in the potential transfer. The future of Benjamin Pavard hangs in the balance, and it remains to be seen whether the Nerazzurri’s increased offer will be enough to convince Bayern Munich to part ways with their coveted defender.

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