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Mbappé’s Imminent Transfer to Real Madrid: A Theory that Raises Eyebrows

The football world is eagerly anticipating the next move in the Kylian Mbappé transfer saga, with tensions running high and speculations rampant. While Real Madrid remains calm, patiently awaiting a green light from Paris, RMC Sport has made a surprising announcement regarding the French star’s imminent move to the Spanish capital. What makes this revelation even more intriguing is the “crazy” theory that accompanies it.

JC Drouet, a prominent journalist from RMC Sport, has once again justified his claims that everything surrounding Mbappé’s future has been agreed upon and sealed for months to come. In a recent statement, one of the media outlets closest to Mbappé’s inner circle presented a theory that challenges conventional wisdom.

“It’s hard to believe that Mbappé returned to training out of sheer commitment. So, what could be the theory if nothing has been leaked? In my opinion, the theory is this: Mbappé told them that he cannot leave as a disgruntled player,” begins the report from Monaco, echoing the sentiments expressed by Carlos Carpio from MARCA weeks ago.

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The “how” is just as crucial as the “what” in this matter: “He doesn’t want to leave PSG on bad terms, which is why he told them: Let me rejoin the team, and then I will depart PSG gracefully for Real Madrid. This way, everyone will be satisfied, and everyone will be a winner. If I leave, it’s because they wanted to sell me. Paris Saint-Germain fans will continue to support the club because they have secured a significant transfer fee for Mbappé.”

Is everything already set in stone?

“The player can claim that until the last day, he always wanted to stay, but the club wanted to sell him. Mbappé has asked them to let him play to end his career on a positive note at Paris Saint-Germain before seeking a solution to leave. Real Madrid is his destination. The Madrid club is waiting for the player to contact them,” concludes JC Drouet, adding another voice to the growing chorus supporting this theory.

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With only ten days remaining until the transfer window closes, Real Madrid has an opportunity to heal a wound that has festered since the summer of 2017. The situation is expected to reach its climax by September 2nd. In France, particularly in Monaco, an increasing number of individuals are calling for the frenzy surrounding this transfer to subside, as they believe it has already been sealed for months. Qatar’s involvement in these developments is also worth noting.

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