Florentino Pérez’s Ultimatum to Mbappé: “Sign or Forget about Real Madrid”

Florentino Pérez, the president of Real Madrid, has reportedly given Kylian Mbappé an ultimatum that could shape the future of both the player and the club. According to reliable sources, Pérez has presented Mbappé with two options: “Sign with Real Madrid or forget about the possibility altogether.”

As the Real Madrid team celebrated their victory over Almería, securing their place at the top of the league standings, the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) side faced disappointment with their second draw in as many games in the Ligue 1. Even the talented Mbappé, who started the match as a substitute and scored from the penalty spot in the second half, couldn’t clinch a win for PSG under the guidance of their new coach, Luis Enrique.

The anticipation at Real Madrid continues to build as they eagerly await the phone call that could change everything. If Mbappé or his representatives reach out to Florentino Pérez, expressing their desire to don the white jersey, the process of securing the much-coveted signing will be expedited, ensuring it happens before the summer transfer window closes.

“Firm commitment or farewell”

It is no secret that Real Madrid is anxiously waiting for that transformative phone call, which would allow them to pursue the signing of Kylian Mbappé this summer. Such a move would undoubtedly make waves in the transfer market, especially after the successful acquisition of Jude Bellingham, who has seamlessly integrated into the team.

However, in the event that this call does not materialize and Mbappé remains in Paris for another year, Florentino Pérez is prepared to wait until January to finalize his signing. To secure this arrangement, the young forward would be required to sign a pre-contract, as reported by the reputable sports publication, MARCA.

Learning from past experiences, President Pérez wants to avoid a repeat of the events that unfolded in May 2022. To ensure a smooth transition, he will insist that Mbappé signs a pre-contract, officially documenting his commitment to join Real Madrid as a free agent in June 2024. If Mbappé resists this proposition, Pérez will not pursue the matter further, and the talented Frenchman will have to bid farewell to his dreams of playing for Real Madrid indefinitely.

The negotiations surrounding Kylian Mbappé’s future have captivated football enthusiasts worldwide. The potential move to Real Madrid would undoubtedly be a game-changer, while PSG will be keen to retain their star player. As the transfer saga unfolds, fans eagerly await the outcome, which could redefine the landscape of European football.

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