Emir’s Decision: Kylian Mbappé to Play for Real Madrid, RMC Sport Reports

In a recent development surrounding the ongoing “Mbappé case,” it seems that the possibility of the French forward joining Real Madrid this summer is diminishing rapidly. However, the story continues to dominate the media, with RMC Sport, a French radio station closely associated with Kylian Mbappé and PSG, maintaining its stance on the matter.

During a recent interview on the sports program “El Desmarque Late Night,” one of RMC Sport’s prominent journalists shed light on the position of the Emir of Qatar, the owner of PSG and a key figure in the Mbappé saga.

According to Jimmy Braun, an RMC Sport reporter, “The Qatari Sheikh does not want Mbappé to ever leave Paris.” Braun emphasizes the significant bond between Al-Thani and the talented forward from Bondy, recognizing that without him, the sporting project of PSG would not perform as expected. The recent preseason results, in which Mbappé was absent, serve as a testament to this fact.

RMC Sport believes it is highly likely that Kylian Mbappé will eventually join Real Madrid. While Braun does not consider the deal closed, he describes it as “a matter of time. We all know that Madrid has been his dream club since childhood.” Despite Mbappé’s well-known desire to play for Real Madrid, the Emir is determined to explore all possible options before giving up.

The two sides’ positions are clear. Jimmy Braun highlights that Al-Thani, in his determination to keep Kylian Mbappé at the Parc des Princes “forever,” continues to push for a new contract. The Emir’s directive to Nasser Al-Khelaïfi and other PSG executives is unequivocal: secure the renewal of their star player at any cost. It seems that this message has been well understood in Paris.

In recent weeks, PSG has adopted a notable change in strategy. The return of Kylian Mbappé to training with the first team and the fulfillment of almost all his demands on the sporting front serve as positive pressure tactics to initiate contract negotiations. Behind these maneuvers lies Al-Thani’s willingness to do whatever it takes to make the Bondy-born attacker abandon his dream of playing for Real Madrid.

As the saga unfolds, the football world eagerly awaits the final outcome of the Mbappé transfer saga. With the Emir’s unwavering determination to keep the French superstar in Paris and the allure of Real Madrid’s historical prestige, the stage is set for a captivating battle between two footballing giants. Only time will tell which side will emerge victorious in this high-stakes transfer saga.

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