Kylian Mbappé: he makes a new announcement, disgusted fans

The anticipation surrounding Kylian Mbappé’s potential move to Real Madrid has reached fever pitch once again, thanks to the infamous guru, François Gallardo. However, his latest exclusive revelation, claiming that Mbappé will join the Spanish giants on either the 24th or 25th of August, has been met with skepticism and frustration from the Real Madrid faithful.

Gallardo, known for his frequent inaccuracies and misleading information regarding Mbappé’s transfer, has been accused of fraud, dishonesty, and even playing mind games with the fans. Despite the backlash, he persists in sharing his supposed insider knowledge. As the wait for Mbappé’s transfer drags on, the Real Madrid supporters find themselves caught between hope, disgust at being used as pawns, and sheer boredom.

François Gallardo has become a familiar figure in the realm of Mbappé’s transfer speculations. From his appearances on Josep Pedrerol’s old show, Punto Pelota, to his recent string of inconsistent predictions, Gallardo’s credibility has been called into question. Yet, he returns once again to confidently assert that Kylian Lotin will don the white jersey of Real Madrid. The constant confusion surrounding Mbappé’s intentions leaves fans exasperated, wondering what truly goes on in the PSG forward’s mind.

In a tweet that set social media ablaze, Gallardo declared, “World exclusive… On the 24th or 25th of August, it will be the greatest joy for all Madridistas and Real Madrid. Stay tuned. Kylian Mbappé ROAD TO MADRID, SUMMER 2023. Boom! Let’s go!” These words triggered a wave of outrage among Real Madrid fans, who have grown weary of Gallardo’s claims that have remained unfulfilled for over two years. The responses to his tweet were unequivocal and scathing.

Social media platforms have become inundated with discussions surrounding the Mbappé saga, with many accusing the French journalist of fraud, dishonesty, and playing a game of chance with the dates in hopes of eventually getting it right. Above all, he is accused of toying with the expectations of a fanbase left bereft of a true number 9 following Karim Benzema’s departure. Each passing day adds another chapter to this never-ending soap opera, while also testing the patience of the Bernabéu faithful.

“Hey, cousin, I’ve been at the airport for 15 days. Should I stay or should I go? François, you’ve been giving us dates all summer. Triples are for basketball, not transfers… You’re as clueless as an ancient bell, seek professional help… Just two more dates until bingo,” responded some disgruntled Real Madrid fans on social media to Gallardo’s latest exclusive revelation.

The saga surrounding Kylian Mbappé’s potential move to Real Madrid continues to captivate the football world. The fans eagerly await a resolution to this seemingly never-ending transfer saga, while hoping that the club’s patience doesn’t wear thin.

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