L’Équipe: Mbappé does not want to renew his contract with PSG

Following a productive meeting between Kylian Mbappé and PSG, which resulted in his return to first-team training, the focus now shifts to the potential renewal of the French international’s contract.

It is no secret that Paris Saint-Germain is eager to secure Mbappé’s long-term commitment and avoid the possibility of losing the talented forward as a free agent, which would undoubtedly leave a significant financial void within the club. Reports from France even suggest that Mbappé himself may be open to considering an extension of his contract.

However, a recent article in L’Equipe has shed light on the details of the aforementioned meeting, revealing that the renewal of Mbappé’s contract was not discussed on this occasion. The young star remains steadfast in his decision not to extend his current contract until 2025.

According to the French publication, Mbappé may, however, be willing to make a financial gesture as a token of gratitude for being welcomed back into the fold of the Parisian team. It is estimated that this gesture could result in a savings of €100-150 million for PSG. ‘L’Équipe’ describes this act as a “personal sacrifice” on Mbappé’s part.

The PSG player has made it clear on multiple occasions that he has no intention of leaving the French club without compensation. Therefore, it appears that a contract renewal with a mutually agreed-upon release clause would be the most viable option. However, reaching such an agreement seems distant at present.

In conclusion, the ongoing negotiation for Kylian Mbappé’s contract renewal continues to captivate the football world. As the saga unfolds, both the player and the club must navigate delicate terrain to ensure a mutually beneficial outcome. The possibility of Mbappé forgiving a portion of his salary showcases his commitment to the team, while PSG’s desire to secure his long-term services reflects their recognition of his immense talent and value.

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