PSG’s Last Stand: Mbappé’s Future Hangs in the Balance

In a bold move that could prove to be a turning point, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has decided to exclude Kylian Mbappé from the squad for their upcoming match against Lorient. This strategic decision by the club is aimed at eliciting a response, be it a gesture or a public statement, from the talented French forward. As the curtains rise on the new season at the Parc des Princes, Mbappé’s absence will not go unnoticed, with the ultras expected to voice their discontent towards the club’s all-time leading goal scorer.

This is not the first time PSG has employed such tactics, leveraging the power of the Parc des Princes to send a strong message to their players. Back in 2019, the ultras demanded the departure of Neymar, who had expressed his desire to return to Barcelona. Although their efforts did not bear fruit, as Neymar continued his tenure in Paris, he was sidelined from the first-team dynamics until September, enduring insults and jeers from the stands at every home game.

Likewise, Mbappé has also faced the wrath of PSG ultras in the past. In 2021, prior to a match against Strasbourg, the Virage Auteuil, the stand where the ultras are seated, jeered the young forward amid speculations of his desire to join Real Madrid. However, much like Neymar’s situation, the initial boos eventually transformed into applause, and against all odds, Mbappé signed a two-year contract extension.

PSG is determined to exhaust all possible means to change Mbappé’s stance. If the stadium resounds with chants against him, Qatar, the club’s owners, could argue that even the fans no longer want him in Paris. While the former AS Monaco player’s resolve remains steadfast, a hostile reception from the ultras and a Parc des Princes that no longer idolizes him could potentially trigger a reaction from both Mbappé and his inner circle.

Thus far, the PSG prodigy has remained unfazed by the challenges thrown his way. At the new training facility in Poissy, Mbappé has conducted himself with utmost professionalism, punctually attending every session and refraining from making any public statements. In fact, his last public appearance dates back to June 15th, when he reiterated his intention to stay at PSG for another year. The pressure is mounting on Al Khelaïfi, PSG’s president, who is now grappling with how to make it clear to the French superstar that accepting a transfer is imperative to avoid spending the entire season on the sidelines, even if the law does not support such actions.


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