Valencia CF Implements Measures to Ensure Cleanliness and Hygiene at Mestalla Stadium

In a bid to address the cleanliness and hygiene issues caused by the accumulation of sunflower seed shells at Mestalla Stadium, Valencia CF has implemented a series of measures to create a shell-free environment. The club aims to eradicate this problem, which not only poses health risks but also attracts rats, leading to additional inconveniences.

Complaints from local residents regarding the noise generated by the machines used to clean the stands of these residues have prompted the club to take action. Valencia CF is now calling upon its fans to refrain from consuming sunflower seeds within the stadium premises. As a direct measure to discourage their consumption, the sale of sunflower seeds within the stadium will be discontinued. Additionally, supporters who choose to consume sunflower seeds will be requested to bring a bag to dispose of the shells, preventing their accumulation in the stands or other areas of the stadium.

This initiative will be launched during the upcoming Trofeo Taronja match against Aston Villa, which will be played at Mestalla Stadium. Furthermore, it will be implemented in all home matches played by Valencia CF throughout the season.

The decision to tackle the issue of sunflower seed shells at Mestalla Stadium reflects Valencia CF’s commitment to providing a clean and safe environment for its fans. By taking proactive measures to address the problem, the club aims to enhance the matchday experience for both supporters and local residents.


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