Vinicius Emerges as the Penalty Taker: Stepping into the Role of Benzema

Vinicius Emerges as the Penalty Taker: Stepping into the Role of Benzema

Vinicius Junior, the young Brazilian sensation, is determined to inherit the responsibility of taking penalties from Karim Benzema, the prolific Real Madrid striker. As the torchbearer for the next generation of Madridistas, Vinicius has been honing his skills and preparing himself to take on this crucial role in the team.

Penalties in football have always been a defining moment, where the pressure is immense and the outcome can sway the result of a match. Over the years, Real Madrid has been blessed with exceptional penalty takers like Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos, who achieved remarkable success from the spot. Now, with Benzema being the primary goal scorer, it is time for Vinicius to step up and continue the legacy.

Cristiano Ronaldo, during his tenure with Real Madrid, established himself as a true penalty maestro. Despite the daunting task of facing the goalkeeper from 12 yards away, Ronaldo converted an astonishing 85.10% of his penalties, scoring 80 goals out of 94 attempts. His departure left a significant void to fill, particularly in the penalty-taking department. However, it was Sergio Ramos who answered the call and assumed the responsibility.

Known for his leadership and unwavering confidence, Ramos converted an incredible 25 consecutive penalties, amassing an 87.5% success rate from the spot during his time at Real Madrid. His impressive accuracy and composure instilled a sense of belief in his teammates and supporters alike.

With Ramos’s departure to Paris Saint-Germain, the responsibility of penalty-taking fell to Karim Benzema, a player known for his clinical finishing and ability to step up in key moments. Benzema displayed his prowess by converting 29 penalties out of 35 attempts, boasting a commendable success rate of 82.85%.

Now, as Vinicius sets his sights on the penalty spot, he exhibits unwavering determination to succeed in this high-stakes role. During a recent training session in Los Angeles, Vinicius dedicated nearly 10 minutes to practice penalties under the guidance of Francesco Mauri, an assistant coach to Carlo Ancelotti. Facing Fran Gonzalez, the goalkeeper of the Juvenil B team, Vinicius repeatedly honed his technique and perfected his execution. The right side of the goal became his preferred target, showcasing his growing confidence and willingness to listen to advice in becoming the team’s designated penalty taker.

Vinicius’s desire to assume this role is a testament to his ambition and hunger for success. As he hones his skills and develops his prowess from the spot, he aims to follow in the footsteps of Madrid’s legendary penalty takers. Vinicius’s emergence as the team’s penalty taker not only adds to his responsibility on the pitch but also demonstrates his growth and maturity as a player.

In conclusion, Vinicius Junior strives to inherit the role of penalty taker from Benzema, following in the footsteps of iconic figures such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos. With his dedicated training and unwavering determination, Vinicius aims to take on this crucial responsibility, further solidifying his place in Real Madrid’s storied history.

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