Neymar throws a bomb on his future

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Pushed out by PSG for a year, Neymar has made a big update about his future. The Brazilian has announced where he will be playing this season.

Neymar is never where you expect him to be. Indeed, the Brazilian has chosen to grant an interview on YouTube to Casimiro Miguel, a Brazilian journalist and influencer. The PSG player, whose remarks were collected at the end of June, took the opportunity to take stock of various subjects, he whose smallest actions are scrutinized very closely. This was the case when he played for Santos and FC Barcelona.

This is still and always the case in Paris, where he arrived as a superstar in 2017 against a check for 222 million euros. This did not prevent Parisian leaders from wanting to kick him out a year ago.

In addition to his numerous injuries, his behavior and his exemplarity were pointed out, in particular by Kylian Mbappé. At the center of the Ile-de-France project, KM7 would have asked for the head of Ney. What the latter learned and took very badly. Despite this, he wanted to continue in Paris, where his lease was automatically extended until 2027. After a crazy first part of the season, the Brazilian was then injured during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and then in a club in February. Placed on the market again, Neymar has been approached by Chelsea and Manchester United.

Neymar announces he wants to stay

But to listen to him, he will not join any of these clubs. The international auriverde wants to stay in the French capital. “I hope (to play this season) at PSG, I have a contract with Paris Saint-Germain and so far no one has told me anything.” He therefore received no message from his management concerning a departure. He then sent a message to PSG supporters, who did not spare him. “Even if there is no love between the fans and the players, I will be there. With love or without love, but with Neymar. He could also be one of the last members of the MNM to be present this season, since Lionel Messi has left and Kylian Mbappé could also leave.

A magic trio that failed overall. But Neymar defended them. “The Galacticos didn’t win the Champions League… We had a very strong team. Me, Messi and Mbappé are three guys who are the best in the world, we know that, but it didn’t fit, it wasn’t good for us. Obviously we wanted to win everything, but sometimes football is not good, fair. Cash with PSG and his fans, Ney then spoke about his last physical glitch.

He also talks about his future in the national team

“It’s an annoying injury, it’s very uncomfortable. The process was very painful and it’s very difficult, but I’m looking to come back well (…) Obviously, winning is always part of the objectives, but I want to play well again, that’s the first thing. Since then, he has found Paris, where his first physical tests worried the medical staff. Finally, he grabbed this strained microphone to discuss his international future. And he made some important revelations.

“After the World Cup, I did not want to continue, not because of the pain of having lost, but to prevent my family from suffering, it weighs a lot. But they will still have to put up with it. I thought about it again, because I really want to win the World Cup. A cash media release from the Brazilian footballer, who dropped a bomb. PSG is therefore warned, Neymar, who was pushed out, has no intention of leaving at all.

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