Frenkie de Jong’s Stay at Barcelona: Factors Affecting His Continuity

Frenkie de Jong's Stay at Barcelona: Factors Affecting His Continuity

In recent days, rumors regarding Manchester City’s interest in Frenkie de Jong have been circulating. The possibility of a move to the city’s other team, Manchester United, was also mentioned, following an unsuccessful attempt from last season. However, it seems that de Jong’s future lies firmly with Barcelona. This is primarily due to the trust placed in him by Xavi, but an equally significant factor is the financial aspect of his contract.

De Jong’s salary is undoubtedly a massive deterrent for any club looking to acquire his services. In the 23/24 season, he is set to earn almost 28 million euros, consisting of a base salary of 18 million euros and additional deferred payments from previous years, amounting to around 9.7 million euros. Furthermore, he stands to receive an additional two million euros if he plays in 60% of the team’s official matches. Taking these variables into account, his total earnings could reach almost 30 million euros. And, of course, there are bonuses for achieving significant milestones, such as winning titles. This financial aspect is well-known to Manchester City, who may have been deterred by the sheer magnitude of the deal.

Additionally, the transfer fee demanded by Barcelona is a significant obstacle. Last summer, the club reportedly valued de Jong at around 80 million euros. Considering his impressive performance in the past season and the fact that he still has three years left on his contract, it is unlikely that Barcelona’s asking price has diminished. This high transfer fee makes it almost impossible for any club to afford the Dutch midfielder.

Moreover, de Jong’s contract with Barcelona runs until 2026, and even in the final years, his wages remain substantial. In the 24/25 season, his earnings would amount to 20 million euros, taking into consideration his base salary, bonuses, and the variable for playing in 60% of the matches. In the last year of his contract, this figure would rise to 24 million euros.

From a sports perspective, it is crucial to note that de Jong is currently one of Xavi’s best options to replace Sergio Busquets in midfield. Despite Barcelona’s pursuit of another signing, with Oriol Romeu’s potential arrival, allowing the Dutch player to leave would be a mistake, as he still provides a valuable alternative for this position.

Frenkie de Jong’s continuation at Barcelona seems to be almost certain. Xavi’s trust in the player, coupled with the financial demands of his contract, makes it increasingly unlikely that any club can match Barcelona’s asking price. With his current and future performance projections, de Jong’s role as a viable option for Barcelona’s midfield remains undisputed.

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